This morning our kids are on a new journey and that journey involves a brand new school in the middle of the year.  That is so scary to me, and these boys are handling it so wonderful.  I have told you before how I changed schools in the middle (more like end) of 6th grade and it devastated me, but these guys are champs.

We have been on a journey for a while now to find Amos a place where he can excel and get any extra help and guidance that he might need.  I don't want my child to fall between the cracks at a big school, get left behind or not get what services could help him blossom.  We recently toured a school and fell in love only to find out that the lottery for spots to get in was in the middle of April and basically if you're not coming in as a kindergartener than unless someone moves you are out of luck.

Two weeks ago we got a call that a 2nd grade spot opened up.  We were thrilled and worried about just sending Cayden since he was doing so well in his class and we loved his teacher.  We took him to lunch and explained it all to him and believe it or not, he was excited about the upcoming change.  He was super sad that his brothers wouldn't be there.  Then that day we got word a kinder spot opened.  Yippe, Amos was in!  But now Cayden and Amos were sad that Deacon wasn't in, and Deacon, my drama child, was even more sad that he wasn't in.

Fast forward to last Wed, and we got a call that there was a spot for Deacon!!  Yippee!!!  All the Ivey boys were in and we were moving schools.  Deacon was overjoyed when I shared the news with him in the carpool line on Wed after school.  I'm still not sure how three spots opened up so quickly, but we are thrilled.

Thursday was their final day at their school and they were all sad to leave their teachers that they loved and all their friends.  The boys decided to write notes to their teachers and give them a picture of themselves so that their teachers could remember them!





How stinking cute are those boys, and how lucky are their teachers.  They are so sweet!!!