My kids are going to CAMP and I am that super freaky excited mom!  I am already planning the care packages I'm gonna send them, and I'll ask all my close friends to also send them letters full of love and encouragement!  I grew up going to camp with my church, but never went away on my own to a camp where I didn't know anyone.  One of my most favorite summers ever was the summer of 2000.  Not only did I have a fabulous new boyfriend (yes it was Aaron!), and was finally pursuing God with all my heart, but I was a counselor at Kanakuk and loved it.  God changed me there.  I thought I would be pouring my heart out, and although I was pouring my heart out, I was also changed that summer.  Loved being at camp!


This summer all three of my boys will be going to CAMP WILD and I can't wait.  We visited the camp recently for their open house and my kids were begging to stay all day long.  They didn't want to leave.  I can only imagine how much fun these kids will have this summer.  I'm so impressed with the camp, their facilities, and their extensive search for the best counselors around, which by the way I'm already starting to pray for my boys counselors.  They will be monumental in their lives, and you can guarantee I'll be writing them a letter to this summer while they are in charge of my boys! 

CAMP WILD is a part of Carolina Creek Christian Camps and is specifically designed for the little ones.  This camp will have K – 5th graders.  There are cabins on each side of the camp for girls and boys and get this … the cabins have a pole that you can slide down to get downstairs!  What a dream for kids!

I can picture my kids looking forward to sliding down this pole each day before they head out on their adventures for the day!

At camp each cabin is a different animal and that animal is HUGE on the front of the cabin.  My kids are already wondering what animal they are going to be while they are at camp.  I'm thinking they should all get stuffed animals from mom to take with them for whatever cabin they are in.  You think that's good, or cheesy?  I don't want to make them the odd kid in the cabin that gets stuffed animals from their mom!


The water park is where my kids nearly lost their mind!  It is a HUGE water area that is super fun and full of excitement.  I felt very confident that even my not-so-good-swimmers were going to be okay and my I'm-not-that-good-of-a-swimmer-but-think-I-am swimmers would be okay as well.   There are slides.  There are wadding areas where you can swim more.  There is a beach front entry so my Amos can feel comfortable getting in.  There is a HUGE water thing at the top that turns over frequently during the day to turn water over everyone!


If your kids have gone off to camp I'd love to hear how they did, and what you did to make their time there go smoothly.  Any packing tips?  Any care package tips?  I need them all!






Jamie Ivey