Last summer I started using a product that my cousin-in-law, Traci, told me that I would love and boy was she right.  If you follow me on Facebook you have for sure heard me talk about my “greens” because I love them so much!

I became a distributor for them last year so that I could pay for all the products that we love to take and if I was lucky I could make a few bucks and maybe send our family on a vacation, or get our deck fixed in the back yard!  It's been 6 months since I became a distributor and we are not only enjoying all the products that we want, but I'm also saving money and paying towards my college loans, and yes I'm 34, still have college loans and am not even using my degree.  Lovely I tell you!

I am a big fan of being healthy.  I love me an occasional bowl of queso and could live on chips and salsa, but I also value healthy living.  I also know that putting good supplements in your body is a great way to get good stuff in you!  Each month I'll take a minute to tell you about a product that It Works has and if I use it or not.




It's Vital supplies your body with all the essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients needed on a daily basis. It's Vital has been formulated using the absolute highest quality ingredients and a patented dissolve technology for the highest effectiveness within the body. Mint-flavored coating.

  • Provides vitamins, minerals, & phytonutrients
  • Supports overall wellbeing and vitality
  • 70+ bio-active, bio-available ingredients
  • Superior absorption within the body
  • Natural mint coating locks in freshness

This is a great item to add to your every day routine.  I have added this to my every day routine and love it.  I have a customer who was using this and emailed me to tell me that she was noticing that it was helping her with her hair loss.  She had been losing hair due to stress and pregnancy and once she added this to her regimen it got better.

It's Vital Picture