It is official I have registered for the 1/2 marathon at the end of April! It feels good to know that I'm commited to something and it makes my goal even more important to me! I went today and bought new shoes. I went to a running store and they measured my feet and recommended the perfect shoe! It was cool to buy a shoe that actually fits your foot. I found out I have flat feet and when I run my feet turn in and that could be effecting my knees. So, the shoes will help correct that and hopefully help my body not hurt so badly.

My knee was acting up again tonight on my lousy 2 mile run! I am taking advil and icing my knee and will probably run/walk my 6 miles tomorrow. The lady there recommended me running 5 minutes and then walking 30 seconds to a minute. I told her I would feel like a weanie if I did that. BUT if my knee is still hurting I think I'll be doing some walking!

Oh and did I mention that I'm getting sick. UGH is all I can say to that. Our family has been very blessed this year and we haven't had much sickness in our home. I'm thinking I may have a cold. My throat hurts, head was pounding this morning and now my voice sounds all scratchy. TYLENOL COLD NIGHT TIME will be my friend tonight!!!

Jamie Ivey