I feel like every time I turn around something else is needed for our papers to be complete and ready to move.  As soon as we think it is all there and all ready, we are told it is not.  We just found out that we now need Amos' grandpa to bring his ID and come to tell about the abandonment of Amos.   Great.  Not sure if he has an ID card or a birth certificate, but Licia and Lori are working on it.

I have come to realize that when something like this happens I don't get upset or angry.  For a few reasons.  #1 it is not like I have anyone to get angry at.  It is not someone's fault that this is happening.  We just need more stuff.  No one to blame.  #2 it is Haiti.  Enough said.  I will not try and figure it out, b/c you can't.  #3 I wonder if all these hold ups are for a reason.  Our papers have been there since Jan.  We had to redo our Psych letters, then we had to redo our letter to IBESR and recomendation letters, and now we need Grandpa's ID card.  there are lots of hold ups right now in the system.  Different departments are holding people up and some people have even been denied their adoption and kicked out.  (oh dear LORD, please don't make me go through this)  What if  God is keeping our papers out for a reason right now.  What if they went in back in January and we were have gotten into the hold up in IBESR?  What if?  What if?  What if?  I could do this game all night long.

I want my kids home so badly.  I want my papers to start moving so badly.  I want an IBESR number so badly.  I want all this, and I want it all in God's timing.  That is the hard part.  I know in my head I want it in HIS timing, but in  my heart I want it NOW in my timing.

So, papers haven't moved.  Still waiting on something.  I know God is in control.  He is bigger than any missing ID card!