I'm going to be honest.  It is hard to go through this adoption process.  I am so in love with Amos and yet he doesn't feel the same to me.  Adopting an infant through the states is so easy for bonding.  This is going to be a whole different story.

I know that there are many of you that have done it and I want to lean on you for support and encouragement.

It is hard to see Amos sleep all day long and be so hot and sweaty with fever.  It is hard to see him not eat all day long and lay in bed all day.  I hate it for him and I hate it for me.

I went to visit the rescue center kids today.  i took lots of pictures b/c they loved seeing their pictures.  i'll give you updates on the kids tomorrow.  some of theym you guys know and love and have prayed for.  🙂

amos and i took a nap together today.  it was super sweet and i loved every minute of it.  i didn't plan on sleeping, but i guess i was exhausted.

it is 6 pm here now and DARK.  PITCH DARK outside!!

okay tomorrow i'll be in town (PAP) all day long with Barb and possibly Troy Livesay doing adoption stuff.  I'll have Story with me too!  I'll be full time mom tomorrow with diaper bag and all.  no 5 point harness car seats here either!!!  i'll just hold on to her!!

pray for my baby tonight.