Deacon is literally a little monkey around here.  When he was very little he started climbing in and out of his crib.  At night we would tell him to go get in bed and he would crawl into his crib!  In the morning he would get out all by himself.  At first it freaked me out then it was kinda nice.  He literally is amazing at this kind of stuff.

We started thinking about putting him in gymnastics about a year ago, but didn't do anything about it because frankly we weren't ready for the sort of activities that you pay for monthly with your kids.  I mean paying a fee one time for a 9 week sport is one thing, but paying every single month for something adds up with four kids.  One kid is not a big deal.  Four kids at $60 a month for a “lesson”, yeah that gets expensive.

Finally we caved in and he LOVES it and frankly he's pretty good at it!  When school is out and I'm not paying for him to be in preschool each month we're going to move him up a level to an all boys class.  I think he'll do even better in there.

We were having a discussion one time and someone said that they wouldn't ever put their boy in gymnastics.  I thought that was crazy and never even thought twice about putting my son in gymnastics.  It's not like he's taking ballet or something.

What's your thoughts on this?  Is gymnastics a girl sport?  i don't thinks so since obviously we have our son in it, but I'm just curious on your thoughts.  Are there girl and boy sports at this young of an age?  I mean he's only 5.

*** EDITED March 26th – okay last night Aaron and I were out and we ran into a couple from our church.  The girl was telling me how she loved that Deacon was in gymnastics and the guy couldn't believe that Deacon was in gymnastics.  He thought that was weird that we had our son in gymnastics.  Women have no problem with it and then there are some men that think it's weird that we have our son in gymnastics.  🙂

Jamie Ivey