The other day I had one hour to spare in my day.  I could either take a nap, or meet my friend at her pool.  As much as I love the pool, this was a hard decision.  I mean how can you pass up an hour nap!


I got my bathing suit on (ugh!) and headed to the pool and was so excited to lay beside her and soak up some sun and good conversation.  We started by her talking about her new baby and how life has changed since she became a mom.  She said she was feeling like she wasn't getting to work much, be creative, or do some of her normal stuff that she did before.  It was good to talk to her about this.  I'm 8 years into parenting and sometimes I still struggle with that.  🙂


We were both talking about how much we loved being moms, but yes it is hard.  I had not been there five minutes and all we had talked about was how much kids changed your life when what do you know, but my phone rang.  Of course it was the school.  Of course a kid was sick.  Of course I only spent 5 minutes at the pool.


I laughed and told my friend that was exactly what we were talking about!  I love being a mom and I truly love how it has interrupted my life for the good!