Each week we receive emails from people asking to learn from us. They want to jump on a call to ask questions. They want to come in and shadow us to see how we do things. We are finally making the jump into intern land! We are so happy about having fresh eyes and ears to help us create the best content and processes around! 

Ivey Media consists of producing, recording, editing, and distributing podcasts. Creating newsletter content 2x a week for The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey. Securing advertising partnerships for 8+ individual podcasts + Jamie Ivey. Researching, writing, and launching books into the world. Developing video content for YouTube. Creating and executing live events for our listeners. 

This internship opportunity will allow you the opportunity to learn from the talented and experienced leaders at Ivey Media. You will also work closely with your intern class and truly experience the community on a mission!



Now Accepting Internship Applications

Jamie Ivey