Yesterday I started back on the slow carb challenge. I did it in January and loved it, and so why not torture myself endure it again for another 6 weeks.  This time my mom and I started a Facebook group and someone is gonna win some cash.  I do need to confess right here that at dinner tonight I ate a chip.  One chip.

Speaking of my mom, her mom has finally been moved to a rehab place and is getting good care there.  I can't even imagine having to go through what she's been through.  Who even knew that your esophagus could rupture? Really?  Also they told my mom that if this were to happen to someone younger they would remove your esophagus and put you on a feeding tube for 6 months.  Yes no esophagus for 6 months and then they would rebuild one.  I can't be 100% sure, but I think she said they would rebuild it out of your colon.  No lie.  Please would a medical professional confirm this for me, because I'm already stressed of coughing too hard one day and having mine rupture and then knowing that my new esophagus is coming form my colon.

Today I volunteered at my kids school all day long.  When I say all day, I'm not exaggerating.  Literally 8am to 3:00 pm and no I wasn't substituting, I was helping the VP out with some stuff.  Can I just say right now that teachers are truly angels.  I could not do what they do every single day.  Seriously, my four kids annoy the crap out of me some days, how can they deal with 18 kids all day long?  Although, I do believe 110% that my children behave completely different at school than when they are at home.  This fact used to upset me, but now I'm okay with it, probably because I have an approval idol and this just plays right into it.  At least the teachers think my kids are awesome!  (Side note, I love my kids.  Somedays they do annoy me though.)

While listening to the teachers talk I truly found myself wanting to hug them and buy them a drink.  They work so hard and put in so much extra time.  Really, they are awesome.  I also found myself thinking about how much influence they have over my children.  Way back in the day when I was losing my mind over the thought of sending my kids to public school I read a great book that helped me out tremendously.  It's called Going Public and I recommend if you are about to embark on school for the first time with your kids.

Speaking of books, I read Jen Hatmaker's book, Out of the Spin Cycle, almost 3 years ago and to this day it's one of my favorite mothering devotional books.  You will laugh and cry while being encouraged the whole time.  Here's the deal for today.  On Amazon it is $1.99 on kindle.  Yes, I realize I'm telling you about this when there are exactly 2 hours left in the day, but I'm just now getting around to it, so those of you still awake, got get you this book!

Also speaking of reading, for the love I can not get into Great Gatsby.  I'm not liking it one bit.  Granted I'm only 31 pages in, but for the love I usually give up if I'm not in it by now.  I won't give up though, because there's a movie on the horizon and I always like to read the book before the movie.  I hear that we read this book in high school.  That's funny, because I'm not sure I read any of the required reading in high school.  Also, my friend Maris swears it's her favorite book ever.  I have to read it.  I'm obligated.
Okay, I'm gonna post this so that you have a few hours left in your day to get the good kindle deal on Jen's book.  I'm also going to get my tired self in bed and try to read more Gatsby.  Tomorrow morning will be here early because I meet my girls at 6:30 to pray and encourage one another.  Oh I love my girls.  I sure hope that you have some girls that you too can do this with.

Good night friends.  I'm off for a date with Mr Gatsby.