I'm gonna admit I'm not the best nighttime mom.  Laying in bed with each kid for hours while I read them all stories just doesn't happen.  Do I wish I did?  For sure.  It just doesn't happen.  There's four of them, and one of me.

Most nights they do their reading alone in their beds and Aaron and I make the rounds tucking each kid in.  We'll stop and talk and pray, but laying there for a long time, nope not gonna happen.

There are moments though that I do get to lay there for extra time and those moments are so wonderful.  As I laid in bed tonight with Story talking and giggle I looked at her and said, “Story I'm so glad I …..” and then she cut me off.

She giggled and kinda laughed and said “I know what you are going to say.  You say the same thing ALL THE TIME!  You are going to say that you are SO GLAD YOU GET TO BE MY MOMMY!”

I laughed because she's right.  I say this to her a lot.  In fact I say this same statement to all my kids.  It's true.  I am so glad that I get to be their mommy.  Out of all the kids in the world God chose me for these kids.  Humbly.  Honored.  Blessed.