I feel like the FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS train blew through town a few years ago and I heard all the rumbling and whistles blowing but for some reason I never got on the train. They even filmed some of the show in my neighborhood. For the love. My friends all watched it, but not me. I have tried to watch this show a few times and get to about episode 3 and never go any further. Until now. I need to say something here so you all know. I am IN LOVE with the Taylor's. Literally love them as if they are real people and we are real friends and we are really doing life together. Their interactions bring me to tears. The real life that they display is so endearing to watch on tv. Yes I am fully aware that these are fictional made up characters, but for the moment I'm in love with them.

I'm so in love with these people that I have to limit myself to only watch one episode per day during the day.  Or two if I'm doing a lot of laundry and other wife-type things during that time.  The good thing is that I'm cleaning more just to spend more time with the Taylor's.  Night time is another story.  I'm losing sleep over these people.

In case you are wondering about a random fact about me, here you go: When I was younger I wanted to marry a football coach. I wanted to be the football coach's wife because for some reason that sounded so glamorous to me. One of my best friends growing up was in a football family. In fact her dad was the head football coach of the Brownwood Lions and I remember how much her family made me want this for myself. Her dad was in charge of the whole team and her mom was the proud wife in the stands. For some reason that seemed like the all American dream to me. We also lived in a town where there was only one high school and everyone was a Lion fan. Football was a big deal there and so in my mind that made Coach Allen a super big deal as well.

God had bigger and better plans for me and I never even dated anyone that played football. Then I married someone that didn't even understand the craziness behind the last play of the Auburn/Alabama game this year where Alabama missed the field goal and Auburn ran the ball back 108 yards.  I had to explain that play to him the same way he has to explain to me what a melody is.

Anyhow … if you need me during the day, or late at night I'll be hanging with the Taylor's.  Probably eating chili.

Jamie Ivey