I can hardly contain my excitement.

Tomorrow I'm leaving on an airplane.

By myself.

With no kids.  {obviously, I did say, by myself.}

To meet my BFF in Little Rock for a weekend away.


We have been friends since 9th grade, which makes her my longest friend by far.  We have tried to get away once a year for the past 10 years and it's happened twice.  I'd say we need to get better at it.  But, whatever!  Tomorrow I'm flying to DFW and meeting her, and then we're flying to Little Rock.

What's in Little Rock you might ask; well nothing that I know of!  We're staying at a house that her friend owns and have no plans for the weekend.  If you have something fabulous that we should do in Little Rock, let us know!

Oh I do know this much … Amy texted me earlier in the week to let me know that she schedule our massage.  AT THE HOUSE.  We don't have to leave, because the massage therapist is coming to us.  Glorious.

So, when we get away here's what we do:

1.  Read books.  We each bring books we're reading, and lay around reading a lot.  It's glorious!  Anything I should download to my kindle tonight?!?!

2.  Watch tv.  Lots of Law & Order SVU and Intervention and stuff like this.  We discussed this year possibly watching all the movies up for Oscars's this year.  I love this.

3.  Eat out.  We don't cook a thing.  Moms don't need to cook anything when they go on a getaway.  It's against the moms-getting-away-for-the-weekend code.

4.  Wear pajama's most of the day.  I mean, seriously why get dressed to lay around on the couch reading and watching tv.  It's way overrated.

5.  We usually sleep in the same bed.  Aaron thinks this is totally the weirdest thing ever, but if there's one big bed in the house we sleep in it.  Even if there's more rooms in the house.  I mean what if I'm laying in bed at night reading and I think of something funny that I want to tell Amy.  I don't want to get out of bed to tell her, so I just roll over and she's there.  Come on ladies y'all know this is how we do it!

So … I won't be blogging, but I told Aaron he could post for me, so he might hack my blog and post his thoughts with the kids.  Should be funny.  Last time he blogged, you guys loved it!

See you guys next week!  If you need me I'll be in Little Rock!