Have you ever just been tired? I am just tired. In fact I just slept for almost an hour on the boys floor while they played around me. You know that kind of sleep – the kind where, yes you are asleep, but no you aren't. You can sit up at any moment and see why someone is crying or tell someone to stop pushing and then go right back to your “sleep zone”. That was me! I had planned on napping while the kids did, but that might be able to get me through the day!

I think I got even more tired today after looking at the workout schedule I need to be keeping. Here is my deal – I LOVE to workout – BUT I hate to workout. Anyone else feel that way? Yesterday I had about 25 min before I had to be somewhere so I went to the Y and ran 2 miles in about 18 min and felt great. Then this morning Laura and I hit the spin class for 45 min and then did a few arm weights. For some reason I was dead aftewards. Here is the deal though – this Saturday is 12 weeks out from the 1/2 marathon that I really want to do. That means no more playing around – I HAVE to work out and really need to love it too! There is also a 5K in two weeks that I think I can handle. Maybe that will give me the boost of confidence that I need!

I just added up the amount of miles that I have ran in January and it is not good. From Jan 2 to Jan 31, I ran a grand total of 23.8 miles and did spin class two times. This is where I get tired. I just added up how many miles I'm “supposed” to run in the next 12 weeks before the marathon – 200! Did you see that – 200! That is roughly 16 miles a week, which is roughly four times what I ran each week in January. BUT good thing is that it is a progressive training and you don't run 16 miles the first week. You work up to it!

So I really want to do this, but I am so scared to commit for fear of failure. What if I don't get in my 16 miles a week, what if my back starts hurting bad again, what if I have a bad week that turns into two bad weeks and I get way off the training schedule. UGH!

Well, speaking of tired …. I am off to take a bath while the kids are napping and read my SHAPE magazine! It says on there that you can have sexy arms in two weeks and loose 8 lbs in one week!