This morning Cayden made his way up to my room at about 6:30 and snuggled up next to me.  I have a love/hate relationship with him coming up this early in the morning.  I hate how early it is, but I love how sweet he can be to me sometimes when he gets in bed with me.

This morning was a sweet moment.  He snuggled up next to me and we were face to face.  He was trying to talk to me and I was trying to sleep and act like I didn't hear him.  Then my eyes popped open when he told me I was beautiful.  To hear that from your four year old always brings a smile to my face.  On a side note, he says this because he hears his daddy tell me this all the time!  I open my eyes to hear him then tell me that when he gets older he wants to marry me.  I told him that sounded perfect and he could marry me if he wanted to.  How sweet is he!

Later in the morning we were upstairs getting ready to head out to Target and I asked Cayden if he remembered what he told me and he said that yes he said he wanted to marry me.  He then asked Deacon who he wanted to marry and he shouts very confidently that he wants to marry DADDY!  Cayden looked at me very confused and then proceeded to tell Deacon that he had to marry a girl because it can't be boy-boy it has to be boy-girl.  He's a smart one.

I will cherish the days that Cayden wants to marry his mommy and Deacon wants to marry his daddy, because all to soon they will think we are uncool and want nothing to do with us.

I love my boys.