Where did November go? I always feel so old when I say that, but seriously it seems as though just yesterday it was October and now Thanksgiving is a week away. Wow! Story turns TWO next Tuesday. I can't believe that either. She's the last of the November birthday's in our family!

I love Thanksgiving. I think I love it because I love my Mimi's dressing. I mean seriously i could eat that thing out of the pan for days with nothing else. Just that. Oh I can already taste it. I have made it for the past two Thanksgiving's and mine is just okay. Mimi's is fabulous.

This year for Thanksgiving I'm contributing mac n' cheese at both family's houses. Sounds simple and easy, right. Well this mac n cheese is not simple or easy. Well, actually I take that back. For me this mac n' cheese is VERY simple. But for Molly who's making it, not so much. Yeap I'm ordering food to take to my family's house for Thanksgiving. Does that make me weird or very smart? Someone brought this mac n' cheese to us after we brought Story home and we all loved it. Even Aaron!

If I was thinking about making anything else I might head on over to the CHEAP HEALTHY GOOD blog to get lots of great ideas.

If I was even nicer I would head on over to the A YEAR OF SLOWCOOKING blog and get great recipes that are gluten free since my mom has celiac.

But I'll stick to my mac n cheese made by a professional and just maybe I'll get mom of the year by making these with my kids: RICE KRISPY TURKEYS – who knows though b/c I saved this originally to do last year and it didn't happen.

What are you making for Thanksgiving?

*Oh and Cayden informed me today that we are not to call them Indians, but National Americans. I think he meant Native Americans! My grandpa would be so proud! He's second from the right!

Jamie Ivey