Yesterday was dress up day around here! I pulled out the Santa suit that Big Boy had two years ago and found the police outfit that I had hung in the closet for a rainy day. The boys had so much fun in their dress up clothes yesterday.

Big Boy was handing out tickets to everyone and Little Boy was Santa but has no idea what that means! Big Boy kept saying … I'm a police man, you need any help? It was so cute. Hew would poke his head in each room and announce his presence just in case there was someone in need of help!


Today we found a “motorcycle jacket” in the closet and hopefully I'll get pictures of them in that today too!

Merry Christmas Eve! Today we're begininig our cooking, making cookies, a gingerbread house tonight, Christmas Eve service at a church downtown tonight, opening our CHristmas Eve gifts (jammies each year!) and reading the Christmas story with our boys tonight.

Hope your night is fantastic!

Jamie Ivey