Today as I was getting ready in the bathroom I could hear the boys going through my pile of stuff to pack for Haiti. My first instinct was to get in there and tell them to quit and not mess up my stuff. I have it all kinda organized and know where everything is and what is in each pile.

As I was contemplating going in there both of them showed up in the bathroom with toys that are in the pile. They had also found purses of mine and they had them strapped on their arms too. An announcement to me came out of their mouths as they said “We're taking this stuff to Amos and his friends”. I smiled and told them that was super sweet. They ran off.

It was then that I decided to let them mess up my pile. I can reorganize it later and pile things back up in random piles again that only make sense to me. They were imagining. They were dreaming. They were getting stuff ready to take to their brother.

I heard Cayden telling Deacon that Amos doesn't have a mommy and a daddy. He said to Deacon … “he doesn't have a mommy and a daddy, so mommy and daddy are going to be his mommy and daddy.” How sweet is that!

I decided that it didn't matter if I had to repack 15 times I would not keep them from having these moments together.  They are caring and thinking about Haiti, their brother and their sister and that is more important than my stuff being organized.