Just got home from church and pulled up Licia's blog. Here's what she said:

Ike hit us hard here in Cazale. We had to run with the children to the second story of the houses. There is much destruction. I have not slept yet. Everything everywhere is a mess. They are removing bodies from the river that has been washed down from other villages. It is very serious. Lori and Charles house has a least 1 foot of mud in it. Most of their belongings are destroyed. The water level in their house was waist high. The main bridge in Cazale washed away. Please….I am asking you from the deepest part of my heart to pray..pray for us..pray for the kids….pray…pray…pray. All the kids in the RC are safe. My family is safe. Amos, Story, faith, hope, Rosena, ronel all safe. Unbelievable pictures to share.

If anyone here in Haiti is reading this and can send me some phone cards for digicel I would greatly appreciate it. My cell phone number is 3761-9464.

So, my heart is hurting for Licia and the workers there. They are no doubt exhausted both physically and emotionally. I'm thankful they are all okay and thankful that the kids are okay.

Please remember to pray for Licia, the kids at the RC and all the people in the village of Cazalle.

Jamie Ivey