Christmas gift buying can sometimes be hard for certain loved ones! We wonder what will they love, what will make them happy, what will be the gift that woo's them?!?!?

Here are a few things that we know to be true: We know that Christmas is 13 days away. (OH my gosh I can't believe this because I have bought exactly ONE gift for my kids. Not one gift for each, but one gift total!) We know that sometimes it's hard to buy for certain people. We know that you would rather someone just give you the best idea ever to buy for someone. SO … here you go. Christmas gifts made easy courtesy of my newest (and first) book IF YOU ONLY KNEW. You can buy this book for a friend and download this super cute card that we created to give to them telling them about the book that you bought them!

It's a win for everyone involved! You get a great gift for a friend and they get a great book (feels super weird saying that about a book I wrote) delivered to their door on January 30th!

Order the book HERE! Then be sure and redeem your pre-order HERE for a chance to win a weekend stay at Green Acres, a glamping retreat center outside of Austin, TX, + you will automatically get a coupon for 20% off at Waterloo Style!

Download the card HERE and it just needs to be set to print front and back and then cut out. We would recommend printing it on card stock!

Note: If you order on December 12th, you be entered into drawings throughout the day to win products from Waterloo Style & Noonday Collection – basically the only place I ever get jewelry! We are drawing every two hours from 10am – 10pm CST – Good Luck!

Jamie Ivey