If you have four kids and they are all 6 and under I need your help!  If you at one time had 4 kids and they were all within the ages of 2-6 and they are now grown I really need your help!  Please tell me this gets easier!!!

Some days I feel as though I can hardly catch my breath. Actually make that most days I feel as though I can hardly catch my breath. Aaron is home sick today and he asked me when the planned “play times” are for the 3 little kids. I laughed out loud. I can hardly have planned mommy-sit-and-eat-lunch-in-one-setting time. It would take a laptop, agenda, hired help and two or three o2 telephone lines in order for me to organize a fifteen minute break it seems! At this rate, days simply fly by with every meal or activity flowing constantly into the next. Moments of peace and quiet are few and far between.

Most days I wear the same shirt I slept in all day long.  Today is Wed and the last time I had make up on was Saturday.  I haven't ran since last Wed.  I do laundry constantly.  There is always a load in the washer and the dryer.  I feel as though as soon as I empty one hamper I go back the next day and it's full again.  I can hardly keep the dishes clean.  I can hardly get three meals a day ready for all these kids.  I can not keep up with the mail.  I can't email everyone back that is asking about adoption.  Some nights I pick the dirtiest two kids for baths and switch the next night.  I always forget to brush someones teeth and sometimes my own.  I'm constantly picking up shoes and hair bows.

I promise I'm not complaining, I ‘m just saying “wow this is hard!!!!!”  😉  I think I need a nanny, a personal assistant and a home manager!!!!  Oh and a trainer and a chef would be nice too.

For all of you out there with four kids or more I need your advice. BRING IT ON.  Tell me what to worry about and what not to worry about.  Tell me your secrets for keeping your life in order.  Tell me all your secrets!!!

kids band

Deacon is rocking the guitar, Cayden killing the vocals, Story jamming on the keys, and Amos bringing the heat on the drums!  I love this!!!!

Jamie Ivey