I am almost scared to say the words in fear of what could happen tomorrow, BUT I think we are POTTY TRAINED. I can't believe I just said that! Today marks one week of big boy underwear all day long with NO accidents. We are wearing pull ups at night, but every morning he has woken up dry as well. It is as if it just clicked or something. About 2 weeks ago he stood upstairs in my bedroom and just watched himself pee all over himself and the floor! Then the next day we started doing big boy underwear all the time at home and would put up a pull-up on for anytime we left the house. Well, all of a sudden I think we have it. We've been “experimenting” with big boy underwear and pull ups since January, so we're ready for this. We will be so happy to have only one child in diapers!!! I know we have also entered a new level b/c he is now telling us when he needs to go and it is not just us taking him to sit on the potty every hour on the hour!