I am not sure why I thought this year would be different, but it was exactly the same as last year.  My Christmas/New Year cards are sitting right next to me on my desk as I type.  They are stuffed and addressed, just haven't been sealed, stamped or taken to post office.


You will think I'm kidding when I tell you that I have still been delivering cards from last year.  No lie.  I actually stuffed one of the 2010 cards in the 2011 envelope that they won't get until sometime in 2012.  What the heck?


I am seriously, seriously, seriously thinking about not doing cards next year.  Reason #1 is everything I just told you above.  I can't get cards out in time to save my life.


Reason #2 the trouble that you go through to pick out a picture, pick out your card, drive to Costco to pick it up, address all the envelopes, trying to decide on who gets a card and who doesn't (more on that later), stuffing the envelopes, licking that awful sticky stuff, buying stamps, putting stamps on, getting them in mailbox.  DANG I'm tired just thinking of all that stuff and I'm not even half way into that list.


Reason #3 our list has gotten out of hand.  We have lived in 3 different cities since we were married, gone to four different churches, Aaron meets a crazy amount of people on the road that have become great friends of ours, and through our adoptions we have met some amazing people that know our struggles more than anyone … all that to say, we have met a lot of people along the way.  Who gets cards?  All the family, for sure.  Even that cousin on your husband's side you have never met and he hasn't seen since he was 12?  What about people that you were super close to when you were 25, but haven't talked to in 8 years.  Do they get cards?  What about dentist & doctors, do you send them cards?  I do.  Close family friends, for sure.  What about your best friends parents, do they get cards?  Or, your close friends now.  They see you every day, do they really need a 4×6 picture of your family every year?  Or those people that your husband works with.  You barely know them, do they need a picture of you?  Do you send cards to everyone that sends you cards?  I used to.


Reason #4 is money.  The cost of this makes my stomach hurt each year, and yet I continue to do it out of some sort of obligation.  As if the Ivey family stopped sending Christmas cards people would think we stopped loving Christmas.  Crazy.  At first I wanted a really cute card and when I set it all up and got the cost I realized I could send 15 cards out and then the drama of Reason #3 started to send me into an anxious cycle, so I went with the cheap ones.  I bought half of what I usually buy in cards and when they were addressed they were done.  I didn't even look at who sent me cards to make sure I was sending them one.  I didn't even look to make sure I was sending all the pastors at our church one. Heck, I'm not even sure my parents got one!  I just addressed what I had and when I was done, I was done.


So … all that to say if you didn't get a card from us and you usually do, I still love you.  I would apologize, but I'm not sure what to apologize for other than the fact that this Christmas card drama is making my head spin.  If you did get a card, you somehow made the list before the envelopes ran out.


Next year, don't be surprised if you don't get a card from us.  Maybe I'll take the money I spent this year on cards, photos and postage and donate it.  That's an idea I can live with.