As you know I turned the big 3-0 a week ago.  It was a very uneventful day.  Nothing out of the ordinary, except I was in HAITI and I spent the day with my best friend and two very special children that I fall more in love with every time I'm around them!  I had cake that night and enjoyed a superb LOST party at the Livesay's house.  🙂

This birthday has seemed to drag on forever.  It has been fabulous.  Aaron threw me the best surprise party EVER.  While in Haiti my BFF of way-too-many-years-to-count, Amy, handed me a stack of cards that she had collected from friends and family.  I got lots of well wishes from people that love me while I was in Haiti.  That was very cool!

The day after we arrived home my parents had a party for me with the boys and we had cake and opened presents that they got me.  They got me the movie FOOTLOOSE and a …… SEWING MACHINE.  YES!!!!!  I have wanted one forever and now I own one.  It is still in the car in the box, but eventually I will get it out and make all kinds of fun stuff!!!

Aaron says that he ordered me a gift from the boys and didn't pick it up from the post office in time and they sent it back.  Hopefully I'll get it soon!!!  I have a guess as to what it is, but I'm not telling. I told him that after my awesome party I didn't need anything else, but if he insists you know I'll gladly accept!!!

This birthday has gone on forever and I'm so blessed to have a great husband, children, parents, friends & family who have showered me with gifts, love, and encouragement these past few weeks.

Yesterday I got my hair cut.  I love getting hair cuts because I feel pampered and relaxed.  It is ME time and time away from my kids.  I'm a better mom for getting away sometimes from them.  Anyhow as I was getting my hair fixed my lady asked if I wanted her to fix it up for me.  Sure thing!  You're asking if you could “play” with my hair some more.  No need to ask me … playing with my hair is for sure my biggest love language!  So as she was fixing me up someone came over to admire my hair and the curls she was doing and she asked me if I was going to PROM!  WHAT???  First of all it was a Tuesday night … second of all …. UM I AM THIRTY, HAVE FOUR KIDS A MORTGAGE AND DRIVE A MINI VAN.  She made my day!!!

Today I had a doctor's appointment and for the first time actually wrote out my new age.  It made me stop and think and realize that yes I am in my thirties.  I have left the twenties and entered a new stage of life.  I personally think my thirties will be much more productive and fun than my twenties.  I like to always think that …. the BEST is yet to come!!  Wait … is that a Joel Osteen quote?  I hope not.