Friends I need your help! Aaron and I are taking two of our kids on a trip in a few months to serve people in the *100 people Network* from our church. It will be our privilege and honor to love on them and encourage them as they tirelessly give their lives away on a daily basis so that people around the world can know of God's love for them.

I told my kids that I would help them raise $ for their trip, and so of course if you have known me longer than a year you know that I love to sell t-shirts to raise $ for a cause. It's just fun. I'm a girl that loves a good t-shirt, and so why not make good t-shirts for people to wear that support great causes. (I think these Sevenly people might be on to something!!!)


Nothing says fun like a family in matching shirts!

Here's the deal though …. I have two friends that are so gracious in always helping me with shirts. I couldn't design a shirt if you paid me a million dollars. Well, okay maybe I could, but probably not. But I always ask them for help and pay them with a free t-shirt. That's how nice they are to me. This time though I'm coming to you blog reader. I need YOUR help!

I need you to design a shirt for us to sell! And you know what I'll pay you with  …. a free shirt. Dang I am so nice!

For real though I want your designs! Email them to me {} and I'll be posting them and listening to others thoughts and eventually I'll pick a winner. Then I'll sell shirts and they will have your design on them. Super cool, I know!

You may be asking about now what exactly do I want on the shirts? Well … it's pretty much wide open. I want shirts that men, women & children could all wear. Nothing cheesy or too “churchy”. Also I'm cheap with my printing so don't send in a shirt that needs 500 different colors of ink to make it work.

Remember this $ is not going to us, but it's all going towards the 100 People Network, so you can feel awesome when you design something for us!

Okay … Ready …. Go …. Design

Email me your design anytime before Friday the 14th at midnight. Then I'll pick a winner the following week!

I can't wait to see what you do!

*If you don't know what the Network is, look it up because it's awesome. Basically our church made a commitment to send 100 people from our church to unreached people groups. We started this initiative in 2009 and have met our goal …. but people are still going!

Oh and if you are interested here are some of the shirts we have sold in the past. Some for a good cause, and some just for fun!

Chosen Race Shirts

Help Haiti Shirts

Band Family Picnic 2010