1. He makes dinner for me every night and the dinner I make is not good at all
2. He gets the kids ready for school on Tues & Thurs
3. He sings silly songs with the kids and they crack up
4. He wrestles with the boys every night before bed
5. He tells me he thinks I'm beautiful
6. He warms up my side of the bed before I get in
7. He makes coffee every morning for us
8. He watches Oprah with me
9. He cracks me up with his humor

I got a call from Laura tonight that she got a call from Jimmie to tell me that Aaron is sick tonight. I know that some of them are dealing with altitude sickness and he must be one of them. Pray for him and for him to get well real soon!

Also if you haven't read his entry from yesterday when he met our sponsored child you MUST GO READ IT NOW – it is great.