I have made it three days, and they say if you make it three days then you can for sure make it seven!  That makes me happy and feel good!

So a little recap, day one was hard.  I thought of food all day.   My mind was taking control of me.  I did the elliptical that night and felt good while working out.

Day two was a breeze.  I seriously rocked it yesterday.  I felt great.  Wasn't hungry.  Food wasn't ruling my thoughts.  Party!  I even did the salt water flush last night.  That is a story in itself.  Oh my gracious.  32 oz of salt water. I seriously thought I was drowning in the ocean and drinking all the water.  I some how got it all down and I'll just say that it did as it promised.  🙂

Today is day 3 and it started out fine.  I felt great this morning and then about 10am I hit a wall.  I was so hungry.  I didn't think much and so I drank more lemonade and hoped it would stop.  Let me just say that I have been hungry most of the entire day.  It has made me irritable as well.  I've wanted to eat just to not be hungry.  I did notice that food wasn't consuming my thoughts, but I just wanted to fill the hunger spot in my belly.  Today has been the hardest by far.  I was also the busiest by far today and in fact just sat down at 8:45 for the first time today.  So that might add to my tiredness, irritability and hunger.  🙂

BUT I have made it.  I have made three days and that's one day more than I made the last time!  I am doing it.  I am actually very proud of myself.  I did tell Aaron though that if I wasn't blogging about this, and no one knew I would have quit today.  That's true.  I would have thrown in the towel.  I'm pressing on though.  Using this time to grow as a person and as a Christ follower.  I'm trying to see that I can be disciplined.  That I do have will power and that I can control my thoughts and my food consumption.  I'm learning to listen to my body and to realize that I eat too much food and that I need to eat smaller portions with more healthy options.  I'm learning.

I do have to let you know that my plan has changed a bit though.  Please don't think less of me when I tell you why I've done this, but I have changed my plan from 10 days to 7.  I know I look like a loser and I'm throwing in the towel, but I do have a good reason.  Well, it's good to me, but you may think it's stupid.  I'm heading to a UT bball game with my friend Staci and I always eat those nasty nachos at bball games.  I know it doesn't even make sense after all that talk in the last paragraph about eating better and blah blah blah blah.  Well I do want to eat better, but a girl has to have a few cheats that she still gets.  I don't normally eat that cheese crap and honestly think it's disgusting, but it's disgusting like the Jack n the Box tacos are disgusting.  So gross but so good.  You know what I mean?

So … I finished day three.  Now I have four more to go.  I'm almost half way there.  I guess by afternoon tomorrow I'll be half way there.  One day at a time.  One day at a time.

Jamie Ivey