Source: Best Life Mistake

Monday's are usually everyone's least favorite day of the week. The weekend is over and it's time to get back to the real world, which sometimes is hard, but sometimes is plain awesome. You see I love Monday's. In fact every Monday I feel recharged!

New To Do List

I love a good to-do-list, and Monday's is when I really sit down and update mine. You see, I keep a running to-do-list in Evernote and although I add stuff to the list constantly, Monday's is a big day to update it. I delete everything I checked off, and add new boxes. I love boxes that are just waiting to be checked off and Monday's always produce more empty boxes to check off.


No matter how long or crazy the weekend was, Monday's is when you start over. Every Monday I start off with my favorite workout, and then head home to an empty and quiet house. I'm not sure what's more exciting, the empty or the quiet, but I do know that you can not have one without the other! I make myself a great breakfast while watching the news and then get on with my day. Spend time in the bible, make appts, work, and begin to tackle the to-do-list I told you about.

Clean slate

This is kinda just like the top two, but let me tell you there is something about knowing you have a fresh new week in front of you and whatever happened last week is in the past. My kids get a new week at school, and I get a new week as a momma. It's a glorious thing because we can use our fresh start to move forward or to continue to dwell on what went wrong last week.

Anyone else love Monday's too, or just me? I must say I haven't always loved them, and I think the change happened when all my kids started school because let's be honest when all your kids are home there's no difference between a Monday and a Saturday. They all look the same … crazy.