I LOVE coming to the beach.  It is not even the sand so much, but just the idea.  I love to wake up in the  morning and head to the balcony with a good book and a cup of coffee and enjoy the sounds and sights that are the beach.  I love the noise from the water.  I love the smell of sand.  I love the smell of sun tan lotion.  I LOVE the pool.  I love to lay out in the sun.  I love to read a book by the pool.  I love to fall asleep sunbathing and wake up with drool b/c it has been such a hard sleep.  I love the glistening of sweat from the sun at the pool.

My husband HATES everything about the beach.  If the kids and I were not here for these two camps he would honestly NEVER EVER step foot on the beach, at the pool, or even in the direction of the beach.  He is white as white and doesn't tan, so the schedule of sunscreen drives him insane.  He wrote all about his hatred of the beach here.

We are different in these areas.  BUT we make it work.  He comes with me every once in a while and tries to not bitch the whole time.  He LOVES playing with the kids at the pool, so that helps.  I try not to expect him to be down there with me the whole time!  I try to wait until at least 9:30 before asking to go to the beach!

We are alike.  We are different.  We make it work and we have fun!!!!

What do you love but your hubby/wife hates???  I love these conversations!

Jamie Ivey