I truly can not believe that I am the mom to a six year old.  Sometimes it feels as though I've been a parent forever and other times I wonder when and how this all happened!

I'm beyond proud to be the mommy to my sweet Cayden.  He is the child that made me a mommy.  He is not only a fabulous big brother, but a great friend too.   He is a thinker and a learner and for that I think he'll do great things in this world.  He wants to know truth.  I pray that he is constantly drawn to THE TRUTH in his life.

This morning Story woke up about 5 and I went in to change her diaper.  I guess Cayden woke up from her crying and he ran in there with the biggest smile.  He looked at me and said “well don't you have something to say to me?!”. It was super funny.  He has been so excited to be SIX!  This morning he claimed he was taller and some of his clothes didn't fit now that he was six.

Cayden was a surprise for us, but oh am I glad that he was no surprise for God.  He was planned perfectly to join our family at the exact time that he did, for had he not joined us then, who knows when we would have started adoption.

Cayden, you are a joy to parent and I look forward to big big things in your life!

I love you!


Last year my sweet boy celebrated his birthday in the hospital when Fedna was here.

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