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I got box #2 today and was so excited to open it up and see what my personal shopper picked for me.  This time it was nice Brett that chose all my clothes.  I have no idea if they are really sweet, but I like to imagine that they are!

This time I was even more excited because I have some referral credits that I get to use on clothes, and how does that not make you happy?!?  When you sign up and then refer someone you get a $25 credit.

Click HERE when you are ready to do your own shopping.  Scroll down to the explanation below to see how it works.  It's easy, convenient, fun and there's great clothes!

Here's what I received in my box today:

#1 is this comfy “MAK Jaclynn 3/4 sleeve button-up cardigan” which surprisingly I really liked.  It's fitted and 3/4 length sleeve, which is unlike any I have.  I'm keeping this and also going to request some more cardigans in my boxes from them, with some color to them!  I looked at my cardigans tonight and all of them are black, white, grey or navy.  I need some color.

This one is a keeper.

photo 5

#2 is this beautiful “Daniel Rainn Tyson Abstract Print Stud Button Blouse” that I really liked, but then I put it on and it just didn't fit me right.  Although it's loose looking it's still kinda tight around my middle section and that's my least favorite part of my body, so that made me feel uncomfortable.

This one is going back.

photo 4

#3 is my FAV!  It's an “UNDER SKIES Milan Lace Print Back Pleat Top” that is awesome.  It's so comfy and I love the way it feels.  It does have this super cute pleat in the back as well.  This is just my style and can't wait to wear this out on a date night with my man!

photo 3

#4 was something I loved as soon as I pulled it out of the box.  I was super excited about a new dress that could go with me into the Fall.  Then I tried it on and it was no bueno.  This is a “SWEET RAIN Isaac Floral Print Belted Dress” that I so wish it fit.  It was way too tight in the upper area and once again I felt as though I looked about 4 months prego in it.

This one is heading back.

photo 2

#5 is a cute “COLLECTIVE CONCEPTS Esten Button-Up Sleeveless Blouse” that I like a little and can't decide if I should keep or not.  Aaron wasn't a fan, but then again he's not the one that's wearing it either.  🙂  It's not like anything I have, and so that makes me want to keep it, but it's also not my favorite.  I don't not like it, it's just not my favorite.  Oh the decisions.  Since I have referral money it might be worth it.  We'll see.

Still undecided.

photo 1


There are my five items this month.  If you are interested in getting your own STITCH FIX delivered straight to your door, click HERE to fill out your personal information and let the fun begin!



I have been hearing all about this STITCH FIX stuff for a while, but I wasn't too sure about it.  I'm not a fashionista (love that word!), and so I figured this wasn't for me.  But, I also hate shopping, so I wondered if this might be something I might actually like.

Basically here's what it is:  An online personal shopper.  That's it.  SUPER COOL.

You fill out your profile.  They send you five items and you keep what you want and send back what you don't in the prepaid envelope that they provide you.  Easy Peasy.

There's a $20 personal shopper fee for each envelope they send you.  If you send it all back you pay the $20.  If you decide to buy anything you deduct the $20.  If you buy all five items you get 25% off.

I decided a few months ago to give it a try and loved their website.  It was so fun to go through and basically pick out styles that you do and don't like.  It's a personal profile that you create that helps them style you.  When you fill out your profile, you don't have to actually order then.  You can do that whenever you want, however often that you want.

So … I got my first box this week and I was so excited to pull all the clothes out and hope that I liked at least one of them!

photo 1


It was like Christmas morning opening this box!!!  I knew that I was getting 3 shirts, 1 pair of pants and a necklace.  Here's what the box looks like when you open it:


photo 2

In case you forget what to do, there's instructions on the box as to what to do with all this cuteness.  Then when you open up the envelope it has a list of all you are getting and their prices.  One of my also favorite things about how they package the clothes is that each item has a card with different ways of how you should wear the item.  That's helpful for this non fashion woman.

photo 4

Okay so you are ready to see what I got?  Shirt #1 and the necklace:

photo 2-3

Thoughts:  This necklace is beautiful!  I love it so much, but I'm not looking to buy a new necklace and since I don't have money to throw away ……

VERDICT:  I'm passing on this one.

Thoughts:  This shirt is so cute and I LOVE the pattern and the loose sleeves.  BUT, it's tight around the belly, even though it doesn't look like it in this picture.  It was also hard to get off and I felt like I was going to rip it.

Verdict:  Passing on this one.  Super cute, but don't like the fit.

photo 3-2

Love this outfit so much!

Thoughts:  this shirt is super cute.  It fits great and I love the design at the top.  Con #1 is that it's white.  Con #2 is that it's white.  I actually wore a white shirt today and what do you know it has a stain on it.  I'm just not good with white, and that's not even counting the fact that I have four kids.

Verdict:  Still thinking.  Probably gonna be a no, only because it's white.  But I love it.

Thoughts:  Oh these pants.  I LOVE them so much.  First of all it's a fun color that I don't own and will be perfect for the Fall.  Also they are skinny, but stretchy.  There's nothing worse than skinny jeans that don't stretch.  They are more expensive than I normally pay, but I think $ spent on a good pair of jeans is always worth it, especially for me since I wear them every.single.day in the Fall/Winter.

Verdit:  Probably a yes.  I'm leaning 99.9% towards this being my purchase if I only get to purchase one thing right now.

photo 4-1


This is actually Aaron's favorite shirt from the box, which should help me with some of my decision making.

Thoughts:  Love it.  It's super cute and comfy and is loose around my mid section, which is where I like lots of loose if you know what I mean!  I also love the cute little cut out patterns around the shoulders.  Cons are that it's sleeveless and we're leaving summer, although that's not that big of a deal here in Texas since it's hot all the time.  I could throw a cardigan on this and rock it though.

Verdict:  Still up in the air.  I LOVE this and if I can get two pieces this might be my second behind the pants above.

photo 1-2

I put this picture up on facebook and the majority of the people said the one on the far left.  BUT remember this shirt doesn't feel right, so basically it's between the two tops on the right.  I think I'm really leaning towards the pants for sure.  Now I just need to talk Aaron into splurging and getting me two shirts.  OR … I'll just get the jeans and get another box in a month and see what they have to offer me.

I'm fine with just getting one thing, because it doesn't change the prices if I only get one thing.

SO … If you are wanting to try this out I highly recommend it.  There's no commitment from you to just fill out your profile.  That was fun, and you can do that anytime and then when you are ready, on your terms, you can request a box.

Let me know what you love above and what I should get.  Also, let me know if you try this awesomness and how it works out for you.  Also, just so you know all the links above are referral links, so if you use them to sign up *and I hope you do* I get a $25 credit.  Whoohoo!  So, after you sign up and get your box, you can get a referral code and refer your own peeps and get the credit.  It's awesomesauce for sure!

Have fun shopping!  Click HERE when you are ready to start!

Jamie Ivey