One year ago today I pulled up to a radio station at 4:45 in the morning and worked my first day on the air.  Honestly that seems like forever ago that I won the contest and become an on air personality on a morning show here in Austin.  I remember the feelings of wanting this job so badly that I would dream about it all the time.  On the day that I started I wasn't extremely nervous, but I was giddy about the unknown and about how this would all go down.

I worked for five months and then I made a very hard decision to step down and go back to full time mom.  Although that was a very hard decision, looking back now I can clearly say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.  I feel as though God opened the doors for me to be on the air and showed me something that I would have never known I could do and that I would love.

That summer was a really hard summer for one of our kids and I can't even explain to you how different this child is since I have been home with her so much this year.  I mean a complete change happened in her.  We have had so much fun together and for that reason right there I say all the time I'm forever grateful for the decision I made.  I'll never regret this time I've had with her.  Never.

I really enjoyed being on the air.  I felt as though I had a voice, and I love having a voice.  It was fun to share stories about my life with thousands of people each morning.  Being able to share my convictions was a challenge for me.  Not that I don't love sharing my convictions, but that my skin wasn't as thick as it should have been and I took a lot of comments from complete strangers personally and let them get to me.

The guys that I worked with were so gracious to this rookie that had never even talked on air before.  They helped me with everything and allowed me to learn along side of them each day.  Those guys in there may not have held some of my same convictions on things, but they never once made me feel weird or stupid for anything I said.  They were so gracious to me and I'm forever grateful for how they helped me get in a groove on air.

[i so wish this picture was bigger …. y'all that's ZACH MORRIS]

People ask me a lot if I miss it, or if I think I'll ever go back.  Yes I miss it.  I found something that I actually liked and feel like I was good at (maybe I wasn't, but I felt like I got a groove).  I hope that some day God opens doors for me to be on the air again.  It is truly a job I could see myself doing because of how much I enjoyed that “voice” that I felt I had.  I hope that when the time is right I'll be back on the air!  In my dream world I could be on the air and still take my kids to school and pick them up.   Isn't that what every working mom wants.  That's my dream world.  I'll keep living my life and dreaming and we'll see what happens!