well i got a kiss today.  that was great.  i also got some laughs.

amos tested positive for malaria and he has been getting treatment for two days now.  i left at 6:15 am with story, zach and evie and we headed to PAP.  it is a hard road up and down to their house.  story was a champ though!!!

we went to a grocery story that is kinda like sam's.  very nice and you buy in bulk.  i got 24 cans of 42 oz formula for story for around 400.  that should last her a long time.

then we headed to the INS office for me to sign my I600 and then I couldn't b/c i haven't received my I71H form yet.  i hope to get it very soon at home.  (Aaron be watching!)  So then off to the Psych visit for Story and she passed!  I met Troy and Tara's little Phoebe and she is a doll.   I also met the little girl that Tara's sister is adopting.  Very cute too and her and Story are very close in age.

I spent lots of time in PAP today and that was interesting.  I will not even attempt to describe that on here.  It couldn't happen!  Good thing is this, I never was scared.  Once we were talking to some shady men but Zach reassured me that we were okay.  🙂

Well Amos has been great since I've been home this afternoon.  He is laughing and playing and loving his play-doh.

Not much internet time left for me … talk to you tomorrow!

Jamie Ivey