Recently I was talking to a mom about potty training.  She's in the midst of it, and of course like moms do I had to tell her my story of potty training, because that's what moms do.  We listen to your story and then tell you ours!  Birth stories.  Potty training stories.  Adoption stories.  Food struggle stories.  Us moms like to share our stories!

Anyhow as I was telling her the story of potty training Cayden, I suddenly remembered that I had potty trained 2 other children and couldn't recall one thing about it.  Not one.  I have no idea how potty training Deacon went.  I can't tell you one funny story about it, or one horror story.  My youngest is only 5 and I have no recollection of potty training her.  Surely I did it because she's not in diapers anymore, but I have no memory of it.

Could it be that I have blocked out the events because they were just horrific, or could it be that I have four kids and I just don't remember these things?  I have no clue.  I do know that my memory is not the best anyways, but these are things I should remember.  Right?

This got me thinking about other things I don't remember.  I don't remember Story or Deacon's first word.  I'm sure it was dadda, because isn't that every childs first word, but I don't know for sure.  One day they'll ask and I will for sure lie.  I'll make something up on the spot and hope they don't see straight thru me.  Don't judge me people.

First steps of my kids … no clue.  I think Cayden's were when we were on vacation in Colorado but I'm not certain.  Deacon's first steps?  No clue.  I do have one thing going for me with Amos and Story, and that's that some of these questions are defaulted to the fact that they weren't home yet.  Amos' first steps?  Somewhere in Haiti.  I'm certain about that one.

Is this a normal phenomenon for mothers these days?  Do you remember everything about your kids “firsts”?

Oh, you probably have a baby book. Yeah I bought one of those once a long time ago.  Then life took over and I never finished it.  Cayden has a half finished baby book (although I have not a clue where it is), and the other 3 have nothing, but their moms blog, which honestly if I searched here could probably find the answers to some of these questions.  Until I find the answers I'll continue to lie to my children about all their “firsts”.