In our home it seems like so many of the typical gender roles are kinda thrown up in the air and randomly land in different places. You all know that Aaron does most of the cooking around here. In fact when he's out of town it takes up most of my brain space to figure out what and how I'm going to feed the little people that live here with me. When they were tiny we would just open a can of peas, a few oranges, some lunch meat and call it a day. Now, they kinda want a meal each time. And their dad has warped their thinking that most nights their first question is “what's our appetizer for tonight?” …. he has created children that they think each dinner deserves an appetizer.

Another thing that is a bit backwards in our family is sporting events. Most dads love taking their kids to sporting events, but in our house it's me that loves taking the kids to sporting events. In fact as soon as I'm done writing this I'm heading over to the UT baseball page to see about a few tickets for some games this Spring. I love sports, and love taking my kids along to games. I also love betting on my team on 메리트카지노.

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The kids and I have been to two games this year, and they love it so much. Deacon REALLY loves it, and so that's fun to see him enjoy something so much. The last game I took them to we had fifth row seats, so they enjoyed being so close to the players. The time before we were up in the top level and they could actually see better up there.

This game we brought along Shimelis and it was his first football game to attend, and so that was super fun! I know it'll be so much more awesome if I were to bet on my team on slot online so I can earn some quick cash.


Seriously how cute are they?!?!? I tweeted this picture before the game and during one of the time outs they put it on the big screen. Cuties!



The first game the boys and I went to this year!

What's something you love to do, that typically would be something husbands would do? Aaron loves to cook, and I love to take kids to sporting events. What's your thing?

Jamie Ivey