Usually every day I think to myself …. I should write something … and then the moment passes and it's gone.  Then I think how I'd rather read my book or watch Scandal (thank goodness I finished on Sunday) and then I don't write.

I can't seem to sit down at my computer and find anything worth writing about to write about.  It's like my brain has gone on summer vacation and I can't get it back.  My latest thoughts were on Paula Deen and why this does matter to us, and I created a great post in my mind at the pool yesterday only to sit down and feel blah about it and not give it a go.

Then I was going to write about my desk transformation because I actually painted something for the first time ever, but the thought of me showing off a craft project is like a two year old showing off a new recipe.  They just don't have much credibility in the field they are discussing.  I'm not a craft person, and so I shouldn't show off my projects, because you don't care.

Then I was going to write about how this summer I'm teaching my kids to do their own laundry, only that it lasted one day and I've given in because really it's easier for me to do it and they don't care.  I know I shouldn't care and should let them have to wear a dirty uniform to baseball, but I can't handle it.  It's a control thing for me.  I know it.  So, I clearly can't show off my parenting skills this summer either.

A few weeks ago I wrote two blogs that I was super proud of.  I actually thought one of them would get some comments disagreeing with me, but nope, not one.  I guess the only people that read my blog also think like me.  That seems super boring to me though.  My sex blog was good and Kristen linked to it, which if you are a small blog like mine and want to see some major increase in traffic, have Rage Against the Minivan link to you and then you are golden.

My new friend Sarah wrote this blog today which pretty much summed up a lot of my blogging feelings lately.  I feel like this summer I'm spending way more time reading and lounging around with the kids and my brain has stopped working and therefore I don't want to write.  I need to though.

But, I probably won't!

What are you reading these days?  What are you blogging about these day?