I first saw this on Ginger's blog and then Debra's and thought I would give it a try.

i am: tired
i think: my boys are lots of fun.
i know:  Aaron is my best friend
i want:  Carson to mind me.
i have:  a great life.
i wish:  Amos & Story were here sleeping tonight.
i hate: scary movies
i miss:  Aaron tonight.
i fear:  someone close to me dying
i feel: insecure in my own body sometime
i hear: HGTV – house hunters
i smell: coffee
i crave: Sonic cheesesticks daily but only eat once or twice a month.
i search: the internet for news on Haiti
i wonder: how people in NYC take taxi's with kids
i regret: not taking my friend Amy to Cali with  me in high school, and instead taking a loser boyfriend
i love: sitting on the couch with Aaron watching tv and eating popcorn
i ache: for Amos and Story to meet Cayden and Deacon.
i care: what people think of me.
i always: stay up too late.
i am not: looking forward to packing.
i believe: that Aaron truly adores me.
i dance: with two sweet boys.
i sing: Carrie Underwood's “Before you cheat” (I think that's the name) very loud in my car!
i cry: for many reasons.
i don’t always: read my bible every day.
i fight: the desire to think bad thoughts.
i write: my kids full names on the bulletin at church while doodling
i win: the lottery in my dreams.  🙂
i lose: my cell phone at least twice a year and have to buy a new one
i never: go a day without telling Aaron that I love him dearly
i confuse: needs with wants often.
i listen: to my kids talk to each other and smile.
i can usually be found: with two kids hanging on me
i am scared: at night when I hear noises and Aaron's gone.
i need: to feel loved.
i am happy about: moving.