Last Friday I forgot to do my FUN FRIDAY posts, and so today is a TERRIFIC TUESDAY post. Okay I know that's super dorky, but whatever, it's my blog and I can say whatever I want!

Here are three things I'm loving right now:

Christy Nockels: Let it Be Jesus album


Christy Nockels has a new album that releases TODAY and I think you should head on over to iTunes and get it for yourself as soon as possible.  I have loved Christy ever since her Watermark days, but I fell in love with her even more when Aaron and her led worship together at the If:Gathering in 2014. If you have a second watch this video from Austin Stone Worship:

I've been listening to this album for a few weeks now and I have loved it. Get the album here: iTunes.  Follow Christy here: Facebook // Instagram //  Twitter

Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson

I started reading this book over the weekend and it's one that I can not stop reading and I think about throughout the entire day. Bryan Stevenson is an amazing story teller, and this book chronicles some very real issues that our country has within the criminal defense areas and our justice system as a whole. Bryan started the Equal Justice Initiative as a young lawyer and serves as the executive director. This book is full of stories of real people who have been convicted of crimes they never committed, or received an outlandish punishment for their crime and are sitting in jail for life, and some even on death row. There's a single story laced between the entire book about Walter McMillian, and other stories of desperate people needing the most help. Bryan created his foundation to help the neediest: the poor, the wrongly accused, and women and children.

I can not recommend this book enough to you, and I'm only 158 pages into the book.


LuLaRoe: Madison Skirt


So my adorable pregnant friend Laura has started selling these super stylish and comfy clothes from LuLaRoe and I'm in love with them all. I have a few things from her, but my absolute favorite new skirt is the one I'm wearing in the picture above. It's called the Madison and all I can say is IT HAS POCKETS. I am so in love with the fact that there are pockets in that skirt. I mean who doesn't love pockets in a skirt?!? Anyhow, if you live in Austin and want some cute clothes contact Laura. If you want free clothes ask her how you can get them. {I'll give you a clue …. let her set up her little pop up shop in your house, invite your friends, and watch the fun go down!} If you don't live in Austin, be sure and follow her on Instagram because she sometimes post clothes for sale there!

So friends those are three things I'm loving this Tuesday. What three things are you loving? I really want to know!

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