In case you were under a rock somewhere and didn't hear the great news …. I WAS CHOSEN TO BE THE NEXT DJ ON 98.1 KVET HERE IN AUSTIN!  Yes folks they picked me.  I won.  I just might be starting on Monday!

Oh my gracious.

Tuesday afternoon I got a call asking if I would be available for a phone call the next morning at 7:10.  Sure I would be available!  So I wondered what that meant.  Did that mean I won, or did that mean they were going to call me after wards to tell me that I was good, but didn't make the cut.  I slept worse that night than I did the night before my audition.  I was more nervous that night than I was during my audition.

I had plans to go out that night with friends and I almost bailed because I was so nervous, but It was just what I needed to take my mind off of things.

Of course I got up super early on Wed to listen and then at 7:10 they started talking about announcing the winner and I hadn't had a phone call yet so I just knew it wasn't me and that they were calling the winner first, whomever that might be.  Then during the commercial break my phone rang and it was Joel asking me to hold.  I knew then and was so excited.  I started jumping up and down on the phone and slowly the kids started coming out of their rooms wondering what the heck mommy was doing!

Finally they came back on air and made the announcement.  I was so pumped and shocked and relieved all at once.  We chatted for a bit and that was it.  I had won.  It was over.  I was so excited.  Excited to have won and also excited to have this whole contest thing over with.  It was so consuming for me.  In a bad way.  I was consumed with wondering when they would announce the winner.

So most of you are asking, what's next?!?!?!  I'm meeting with people tomorrow to do paper work stuff and then if all that works out they want me to start on MONDAY!!!  Just like that my life will change forever.  I will not be able to take my kids to school anymore.  I won't be making them breakfast 5 days out of the week.  I will be setting an alarm for VERY early during the week.  My late night dates with Aaron will now be reserved for Friday nights only.  LOTS of changes.

BUT also lots of good changes too.  What an amazing opportunity that I just received.  Who gets a job as a morning DJ at a fabulous station as a 32 year old mom with no experience in radio?  ME!  Who gets to have a cool career (hopefully I make this into a long term career!!!) and still be a mom for most hours of the day?  ME!  Who gets to meet lots of great people in Austin and people in the music industry and sports industry?  ME!

I am beyond excited for this next phase in my life.  Aaron is a fabulous husband who is so excited and supportive.  Last night he invited a bunch of friends over for a last minute “happy hour” at our house.  It was so fun and I am such a blessed woman to have friends that love and support me as I dream big dreams in my life!

Click HERE to see my videos and hear audio and see announcement on KVET site.

Jamie Ivey