I remember when the earthquake happened in Haiti. I was devastated for so many reasons. I had friends there. I had visited there numerous times before. Most importantly I had family there. My son, Amos, was still in Haiti when the earthquake ravaged the country.

I remember feeling anxious, worried, exhausted, and mere useless thinking through all the needs that the entire country now had. I also remember weeks later when people were talking about something else, and we were still thinking of our friends there. Those friends are still recovering from that tragedy to this day.

Now Houston and Southeast Texas have been ravaged by Hurricane Harvey and I've had some of the same reactions. Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the needs. A little inadequate for the jobs to help. I have been anxious and worried for friends, and relieved when they post on facebook that they are okay. I have many friends and family living there, and in fact I lived in the Houston area for a decade before as well.

I've also been overjoyed with watching people step up and help. I've seen churches rally their people, I've seen cities welcome displaced families, I've seen companies donate massive amounts of money. I've seen such amazing things that I kept thinking to myself … could I really do anything to make a difference? or … everyone already has a place to give, so I don't need to do anything.

Then I snapped myself out of it and remembered that providing more opportunities for people is a perfectly wonderful idea. To do whatever I can do to help is worth it, and so here we go. I'm gonna list off places that I trust and believe in that you might be able to send donations to and/or volunteer to actually go and help.

1. If you are looking to volunteer in the Houston area, I know that Bayou City Fellowship is creating teams of people that will serve now and in the weeks to come. The clean up and rebuilding process will take weeks, months, and years.

Click here to SERVE.

2. The For The City Network has a Disaster Relief Fund that will allocate monies directly to organizations that helping victims of Hurricane Harvey. This is where we are giving money, this is where The Happy Hour is donating money. I trust this organization and they will do good with your money.

Click here to DONATE.

3. Next weekend at The Happy Hour LIVE! we're asking guests to bring in donations so that we can build “Welcome to Austin” gift boxes. Many dislocated people will end up in my city because their home as they know it no longer exists and we want to give them a welcome box. Our mayor suggested this donation and I love it!

If you would like to contribute to this, but you will not be joining us at the LIVE event, no worries. Head on over to Amazon and buy some things and have them shipped to us and we'll add it to our boxes!

Buy items HERE and then have them shipped to: Ivey Media, 100 Commons Road, Suite 7 #124, Dripping Springs, TX 78620

4. For the entire month of September all purchases (minus books) from my shop + at The Happy Hour LIVE! I will donate 15% of profit to the Disaster Relief Fund.

Shop HERE.

After the live event is over the shop will include more items, so check back at the end of the month.

There are a few ways that you can be a helper in this disaster. This will be ongoing for years, and so let's help these organizations kick start their work. Ask your kids to donate some of their allowance. As a family sit down at your computer and order needs from Amazon and then have them shipped to us.

Whatever you can do, now is the time to do it. Thanks friends!


Jamie Ivey