I'm usually late to the game on books that sweep the nation, but in January I decided that I was going to read this HUNGER GAMES that everyone was talking about, mainly because I heard there was a movie coming out and I really love to read books before the movie comes out.  I just feel more educated when I do that.  I know it doesn't make me more educated, but what the heck it makes me feel good, and I like to do things that make me feel good.

I started the book and COULD.NOT.STOP reading it.  If I had known what the book was about I would have never started.  I mean seriously …. people get thrown in an arena have to kill each other.  No thanks.  Not my type of book.

I read it very quickly and abandoned all other readings that I was responsible for.  When I finished I wanted more, but told myself I wouldn't start the second one until I finished other things I had committed to.  While I was in the hospital with Story I bought the 2nd book and devoured it as well.  Once again I made myself wait a while to get the third so that my children would get fed each day, laundry done, and I would shower each day. I started book #3 yesterday.  Oh my goodness how will this end?


Tonight I'm heading out to the movie to see THE HUNGER GAMES.  I am so excited!!!  I hope that the movie is as entertaining as the book.  Since I'm not on facebook I haven't seen many reviews of what people thought, so tonight I will know.


Have you read the HUNGER GAMES?  If not.  Go for it.