If you haven't heard, Aaron can't talk right now.  I  know what you are thinking, doesn't he sing for a living.  YES he does and right now that's all he can do.  No talking, whispering, laughing, only singing.  We spoke on Thursday morning before he left, but since then only one 2 minute conversation that he snuck away to cheat and talk to me.

I miss his voice.  I miss having the freedom to call and tell him all about the silliness in our day.  I miss his voice being the last one I hear at night.  It is hard with him on the road, but I can't even begin to wonder what it will be like when he gets home and can't talk while he's here.

We told the kids about it on Wed and they understood that Daddy's throat hurt, but not sure they understand the no talking factor.  We have been calling his phone lots and leaving messages.  I remind them that daddy can't talk so we're just talking to him!

So, if you think about it pray for my hubby.  He uses his voice for way more than just singing (don't we all!) and is having a hard time on the road without it.  Also pray that when this month (yeah did I mention we have a month of this!) is over that his throat is better.  They will do another scope to see the if the throat is healed and if not then a biopsy will be necessary to figure it all out.  I'm praying that this is NOT necessary.

Now I'm back to texting my man!  Our Sprint bill is going to be crazy this month.  Thank God for Instant Messaging!