Sometimes the issues of sex trafficking seem so huge, that it makes me want to just crawl in a corner and not believe it even exists. I begin to feel as though I should just sit home and watch everyone else fight it.

Central Texas friends:

Friends, I want to tell you about a way that YOU, right here in Austin, can be a part of something. There’s an organization here in Texas called REDEEMED MINISTRIES and they are doing big things to help the girls that are getting out of this life. They are creating  programs for rehabilitation  and helping them find their life again.

Right now REEDEMED has two things going on that I want you to know about.

Movie Screening:

A screening of the movie, IN PLAIN SIGHT,  is coming here to Austin. How easy is that! Everyone loves a movie night out with your spouse or friends. By you going to this movie, not only are you supporting Redeemed, but you are also getting educated on this topic.

I have my tickets for Aaron and I, and have TWO tickets to give away to someone this week. I need you to like REDEEMED on facebook, and I need you to tell all of your friends about this night. Use this rafflecopter below to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Keep Austin Free fundraiser:

A fundraiser is scheduled for November 13 with all the benefits going towards REDEEMED in Austin. KEEP AUSTIN FREE is going to be a super fun night as we celebrate all that Redeemed is doing, and all that they are hoping to do in the future. It’s at Pecan Grove and catered by Salt Lick, where we will dance the night away with All Hat and No Cadillac. If you are interested in attending, click HERE for tickets. We’re also looking for corporate and personal sponsors if you would be interested in that. I would LOVE for you to join us at this event!

In fact I've made it super easy! You can buy your tickets right here:

What about the costs?

So, there you go friends here in Austin. Two great ways for you to put your money towards a good cause. And while we’re talking about money let me break it down for you.

The movie tickets are $10 each. I don’t need to break that down. It’s a movie that costs $10, so no big deal.

The fundraiser tickets are $75 each so let me break this down. A dinner out at an all you can eat buffet would run you $15, two drinks would costs you $10, then a concert would be around $20, and that leaves $30 extra dollars that you could come up with if you didn’t eat out that week, and forgo two Starbuck’s trips. You can do it!

So, have I sold you? Please come to one of these things with me. Please. Movie night in October, and BBQ night in November, what could be better?


Jamie Ivey