That is what I have been feeling lately. How do you say thank you to people that do such nice things to you?

We have seen so many people do so many nice things for us over the last few months through our adoption. I can't even begin to list them all on here, but here are a few.

We have received paypal donations from people that we don't even know. We have received paypal donations from blog “friends” that we've never even met. We have received donations from people that we barely know. All the donations have touched us because they are all sacrifices to the people that make them. If someone sends thousands or hundreds or fifty, they all touch us the same. We are blown away with the support that people have given us. We send out a HUGE thank you to all of you and then feel as though that doesn't even do justice to how we feel. We opened a card last week from a dear friend who sent us money and a sweet card of encouragement.

At one of our car washes a lady left her business card in the jar and wanted me to call her. It was for a TASTE OF HOME ENTERTAINING party. I didn't want to have a party now, so I didn't call her and didn't think about it again. Then she called me and told me that she wanted me to have a party and she would give me all her profits. What? She is giving her profits away to our adoption expenses. WOW! Did I mention that I never met her until she walked through my door for the party??!! Once again, a stranger is blessing us.

We have other friends that I have never met face to face and they sold tamales to raise money for us. WOW!

People bought magazines off our magazine fundraiser that I had never met. We raised about $170! Thanks guys! Enjoy your magzines!

My friend Amy that I've known since 9th grade organized a huge garage sale and is sending us the profits from the event.


So, I am not sure I even know how to thank someone for doing so much for us. We are humbled. We have been encouraged and challenged to give more from our lives as well. We decided a long time ago that no matter how much came in we would always turn around and give some of it back to other people that our adopting. We have given away a few checks and have loved every minute of it. If God has showed us anything through this it is that we want to be a family that gives. We want to bless like we have been blessed.

Some of you have asked us how our money situation is going. We had said we wanted to raise about $5-$6,000 before the end of October. I wanted so badly for that to happen, but in the back of my mind I knew it wouldn't happen. Well, it has happened. We have had a great number of people help us and we are thankful. Thankful. thankful. thankful. thankful. thankful. thankful. eternally thankful.

Jamie Ivey