So a lot has happened since I last posted about the house.  Here are some pictures of the progress!

These are some of the old cabinets that Aaron and Harold hung in the laundry room area closet.  What great use for them!  MORE STORAGE.  Gotta love that!


Play room is about the color of mac n cheese!  Lovely.  This is the chalkboard wall and it is also magnetic.


The “secret passage” that Aaron cut out for the kids.  Goes from the boys room to the closet in the play room.  The boys LOVE this and think it is so cool!


Other side of the secret passage way!


Cabinets on the wall were put up.


Cabinets for floor were put together and hanging out in my room before the floors go in.



Aaron and another friend got all the flooring in the living/dining and kitchen area done.  It looks so wonderful!!!!  I love it.


Stew hung blinds tonight:


Getting those cabinets attached to the wall:


Jason spent hours putting together drawers.  Thanks!


Maris and Staci helped me move in some stuff to Story's room.  This is her new dresser that we got off of Craig's List. I love it so much.  We have a night stand to go with it and a twin head board and foot board.  It is so cute!

New sink:


Oh my word has the house come a long way in the past week.  Aaron has worked his tail off and we have had SO MUCH help from friends and people we had never met before.  I can't wait to show you FINISHED pictures!

Only four more nights in my house here.  Wow, I need to finish packing!  Move in date is coming upon us!

Jamie Ivey