That is the boys bedroom.  Yes all THREE boys!  We have always LOVED having our boys share a room and if there is ever another girl she'll be rooming with her sister as well!  Having kids share rooms has been important to us from day one.  Our last house in TN only had two bedrooms so it forced us into something that we already wanted to do from the get go.  We are hoping and praying that our boys can learn to love each other well and respect each other and most importantly love to be together.

So that room will have the bunk beds and that's about it.


This is the play room.  I am so excited about this room.  I see lots of organization and lots of fun in here!!!  We plan on painting the walls super bright, as opposed to the black that Deacon wants!  We're also painting one wall with the magnet primer and chalkboard paint.  Anyone done this before?  I've heard we'll need lots more paint then we think we'll need!!!  Should I go floor to ceiling with the chalkboard stuff?


Kids bathroom.  We're painting this room the same color as the living room and entry way.  Nothing special here, just a bathroom.