We thought we had our house sold early last week.  Now we think we might have it sold again.  Our house was shown every day from Friday through Tuesday.  A few times twice in one day.  That's more than it has shown in the past month!!!

We have an offer.  We've accepted.  We signed lots of papers yesterday and faxed all 18 pages back to our realtor.  Now I think they pay some earnest money, we get it inspected, they make sure they have adequate financing and we're moving forward!  yippee!!!  They don't want to close until closer to the end of August, but that's fine with us, we'll probably move towards the middle of august!

pray this all works.  I really want this behind us.  selling a house is stressful!  now i feel as though we can really look for a place to live in austin!  we're going to rent, so that is less stressful to me than looking buy.  we're going to austin next weekend, so hopefully we'll find the perfect place for our family!  this will hopefully be the house/condo that we grow from a family of four to a family of 6 in!!!  that changes how we look at homes!!!