I have always wanted to be a mom that reads each day to their kids.  It is harder than you think because to do this you have to be self-less.  You have to value reading to your kids more than you value watching tv, reading your own book, talking on the phone, or dare I say it “working” on the computer.  Kids love to be read to.  Every night we read a bible story from our favorite bible, The Jesus Storybook Bible, and the kids love that, but I want to read more than just at night.

Last year we read Charlotte's Web and Stuart Little and the kids loved it.  We always watch the movie afterwards, which is lots of fun for them.  I found Cayden finding things that were different in the movie and that made me happy.  We recently began Mary Poppins and I think I'm enjoying that as much or more than the kids!  They haven't seen this movie, so it'll be fun to compare the book and the movie as well.

Today I checked out HONEY FOR A CHILD'S HEART from the library.  I have been wanting to read this book since we had our first child.  Yeap that was 6 years ago!  It is  a great encouragement for parents to start reading to their kids, or continue if you already do.  I loved it.  I flipped through the whole thing today and read the stuff I wanted to read.  Finally I made it to the back where she lists all the good books you should read.  Oh I loved it!  I added tons of them to my Goodreads site and will check them out as we venture to the library each week. (Just an FYI – there is an iphone app for goodreads too!)  There are so many books, that I will for sure need to buy this book for my own library so we can check off books as we read.  What fun!


Tonight we'll dive back into Mary Poppins and next week we'll be getting new library books!  I love it!  What are you reading to your kids right now?

Jamie Ivey