I had a moment tonight where I was reminded that Aaron and I are not the only ones that are teaching our kids stuff. As parents you hope and pray that whenever you are not with your child that they are not being taught things that you would not teach them.

A huge fear of mine is that my kids will get hurt physically or se*ually while in someone else's home. I worry about people there doing things to them that are wrong. I worry about older kids teaching bad things. I worry about kids telling them things that their little minds are not ready for. I worry about lots. I know I need to give all those to God, but I'm just giving you a peek into my crazy little mind.

Tonight the boys and I were at Starbuck's having a mid afternoon snack while daddy worked and I was listening in on my sweet boys talking to each other. I love when they interact and talk to each other. It is so sweet to me to hear their little voices talking to each other. I heard Cayden talking about his right and left hand. I listened and couldn't believe it but he got them right. So then I thought it was a fluke and asked him again, and he got it right. I asked him how he knew that and he looked at me like I was stupid and said he knew it from The Pledge of Allegiance. WHAT? I vaguely remember that his class at school says this in the morning, but seriously he knows it. He recited it for me with hand on heart and everything. It was so cute. All the words at the end are jumbled up, but I think it might be the cutest thing I've heard in a long time.

So, in that moment I realized that although I am not teaching him everything I am accountable to where he is when he is learning stuff. Fortunately he has great teachers at preschool and I feel confident that he is being taught great stuff.

I had no idea he knew this. In one moment I felt guilt for not knowing something so big in his life but I also was so proud of him for being so big and knowing something so big.

It wasn't but about 2 minutes after that when him and Deacon were goofing around and he says to Deacon, “I just fell on my butt”. My ears perked up when I heard the word BUTT. Even though we are not the freak out parents at words like BUTT, I still don't like him saying it. I told him that I didn't like that word and he should say booty or bottom and not butt. Where did he hear that word? We don't say that here.

Another example that I can't control what my child learns when they are not with me. Aaron thinks I'm crazy, but it is moments like this that I say that I want to at least pray about home schooling our kids when they are younger and so impressionable. I have always said that I would NEVER do this. I respect people that do, but it is not for me. Most of the times my reasons are very selfish. I don't want to have to give so much. (Isn't that awful to admit.) I will feel so tied down and not able to do whatever I want all day long.

The parts of home schooling that appeal to me are the family times. The fact that I will be influencing my children. I would be pouring into their lives and allowing them to learn how they learn best and at the speed that they learn best.

I would like to hear from any home schooling parents. What are your thoughts on my thoughts. Dumb? Normal? Anyone ever home schooled for a few years through elementary and then put your kids in school when they are older and have more of a foundation from you?

Is there curriculum for preschool kids? Four year olds? Of course I think my kid is super smart and could learn lots now, what could I do to “try” this out before he is actually ready for school???