You know how sometimes just the ordinary can jump out at you and scare you to death. I don't mean literally scare you, but scare you to where you think that things are progressing too fast. Where a moment comes upon you and you thought you had longer before it would happen to you.

Today I had that moment. You might laugh, but it was over a pair of Big Boy's jeans. I was putting clothes in the wash, just like every other normal day, and I was about to put in a pair of his jeans when I noticed it. Two holes were tearing in the knee and they were looking rather worn. These jeans are less than a year old and now have two holes in them.

I'm not saying I do not like the holes, because I happen to pay lots of money for jeans with holes already in them, but it just struck me. My little baby (Big Boy) is not so little anymore. His jeans are worn with holes from playing and moving lots. His life is different now. He is growing tons and is starting to do things on his own. He has started standing when he goes pee-pee and doesn't need my help in pulling up his pants. He uses a napkin (sometimes) and even used an adult spoon this morning for breakfast!

While I was doing an everyday task as laundry for my family I was reminded that these days are moving fast and when they are gone, then they are gone. I cherish my boys and have cherished all the years I've been able to be home with them. They bring me so much joy and genuinely light up my days!

I guess I can save these jeans for Little Boy in a few years and they can be his “cool” ROCK STAR jeans with holes in them, if that is still “cool” then!!!!